Testimonials from ICAEW Authorised Training Employers (ATE)

“The ACA is an attractive offering because it has a comprehensive learning programme which is delivered through flexible modules allowing trainees to balance their work and studies. It also provides an alternative route in to the profession which helps to contribute to our diverse workforce.”

Ms Seah Gek Choo, Talent Partner, Deloitte , Singapore

"Our employees need to demonstrate high levels of EQ to complement their IQ and technical abilities. We need our people to be able to forge strong relationships and emphatise not just with their colleagues, but also with the clients”

Datuk Nizar Najib, Executive Director, Financial Services, Deloitte, Malaysia

"We are always in the hunt for people who have excellent communication skills. The ability to understand our client’s needs is something that is very valuable to us. When a person can connect well with a client, half the battle has already been won."

Megat Iskandar Shah, Partner - Financial Services, EY,, Malaysia

"Hard and soft qualities are both equally important. Solid financial acumen, communication skills, professionalism, reliability, time management skills, multi-tasking abilities and problem-solving skills are just a few of the qualities that we use to evaluate our candidates."

Ahmad Tifli Mohd Talha, Group Chief Financial Officer, Felda Global Ventures Holding Berhad, Malaysia

"Academic excellence is not enough. At PwC, we expect you to lead yourself and others to deliver results in a responsible manner, play an active role in your own development, work well in a diverse team, take an interest in how businesses work beyond your own geographic and cultural boundaries, and take pride in producing work of high quality. You should be a graduate who is resilient yet agile in adapting to different conditions. These are the traits which are essential in the rapidly changing world and prepares you for the working world of the future."

Patric Ng, Partner, PwC, Malaysia

Testimonials from ICAEW ACA and CFAB Students and Graduates

"I believe guys in Singapore have a huge disadvantage compared to the ladies in terms of their professional career due to the mandatory NS requirements. However, I think it is still possible to study for the Professional papers in ICAEW during  service. This will really help reduce the career gap faced by males." 

Melvin Lim, Singapore Polytechnics Student, Singapore

"Front-loading is a new concept to be efficient in our studies. As an accountant, obtaining the Chartered Accountant title is the peak of all accounting certificates.’’

Jun Jie, Singapore Polytechnics Student, Singapore

"I chose ACA because it is a prestigious professional accountancy qualification that not only provides a solid foundation in accountancy, business and finance, but also broadens my knowledge in the related fields. This programme has given me the opportunity to be part of the engagement team for an audit engagement in Cambodia, and it has been a great experience to expose myself to different cultures and work practices abroad. Through this course, I have developed time and people management skills during the course of my training, and realising it is a crucial part of daily work life, it became one of my strengths as well."

Brendan Francis, BDO, Malaysia

"The ICAEW (ACA) brand is a prestigious accounting qualification that employers prefer and by embarking on this journey, I was exposed to various operations within the Boustead Group of Companies, starting with Group Finance and subsequently to the Trading & Industrial division of the Group. My work involves financial management and reporting, budgets, credit control, taxation and administrative matters. This has enabled me to get a wide experience and knowledge in different functions of a company, which will lead to making better decisions for the company. The ICAEW programme is a great stepping stone that will help me grow further within the Boustead Group. I look forward to contribute to the Boustead Group by applying the knowledge gained and be a recognised leader in the corporate world."

Low Tian Hock, Boustead Holdings Berhad, Malaysia

"The idea of commencing an articleship, working and acquiring on-the-job work experience while still studying, had captivated me to pursue ICAEW then as I knew I would be able to get an early head start into the profession. I have learned that effective communication is vital to deliver information across, both internally and externally, time management is essential in juggling between studying and working full time and most importantly I have improved by business insights over the course of numerous discussions and dealings held between clients and engagement teams. I know, in the short years to come, I will be able to be in a senior advisory role and providing expert advice to businesses."

Chin Yoong Ken , Deloitte, Malaysia

"As ICAEW Chartered Accountant, the course has not only trained us to have the technical skills required to be in the commercial and business environment but also to give us the ability in enhancing our communication, thinking skills and marketability. I have been able to develop many skills and strengths since the beginning of my training. These skills have helped develop me tremendously not only in the consulting firm but also in the Big 4 Firm previously, resulting me not only be able to make sound operational but also strategic decisions."

Airil Razali, EY, Malaysia